Kelly Morse | Director of Operations
Direct: 206-673-3413 |

Kelly’s love for houses began when her contractor father taught her about quality construction while building their family home when she was 5. By age 6, Kelly had her own hard-hat and steel-toed boots, and could perform basic plumbing and electrical work (with supervision, of course.) Her comfort zone is right in the middle of a construction site and she likes to see a home being built from the inside out. Kelly has established herself as a top broker in new construction, with a network of builders who know and trust her. She works relentlessly to gather information about projects before they come on the market. Kelly is tech-savvy and uses technology tools to provide clients with a seamless and efficient exchange of information. She takes care of all the details so clients can focus on making great decisions. Kelly is a Seattle native, UW graduate, & lives in the Judkins Park neighborhood. Spend an hour with her looking at houses and you will see how much she loves what she does, and what she can do for you.